As a club BCFC is fully committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for members of our club (volunteers, players, personnel, families, spectators) and the wider community. The practices adopted by BCFC follows guidance provided by Sport Australia, Football Australia, Football Victoria, the City of Greater Bendigo, the Victorian State Government and other relevant authorities.

The Club monitors and responds to the advice from Football Victoria and the Victorian State Government in implementing and updating these guidelines.

The Victorian Government’s guidelines for community sport and recreation COVIDSafe plan covers six Principles:

1.   Physical distancing

2.   Face mask usage

3.   Good hygiene

4.   Keeping records and acting quickly if workers, participants or volunteers become unwell

5.   Limiting congestion in enclosed spaces

6.   Avoiding unnecessary mixing of groups


These guidelines apply to players, coaches and volunteers participating on match days or at club training. They also apply to parents and spectators who attend matches, training or other club activities.


All individuals

1. Must not attend training or matches if in the past 14 days if you:

     Have tested positive to COVID-19;

     Have been unwell or had any flu-like symptoms (even if mild)

     Have come in close contact with a known or suspected case of COVID-19

** In the event you have tested positive to COVID-19 or come into close contact with anyone who has, please notify the club so we can ascertain if you have come into contact with any club members during the infectious period. Please refer to the Club’s COVIDSafe Plan on the BCFC website.

** If you are unwell and have tested negative for COVID-19 you should still isolate at home until symptoms are completely gone. Once symptom-free, and subject to any other requirements to isolate, you may return to training after 14 days.

2. Check in with QR system upon arrival if you are staying more than 15 mins.

3. Must follow the latest Victorian Government announcements on the requirements of using face masks. When social distancing is not possible This means all visitors must carry a mask at all times.

4. Must follow the directions provided by club officials and signs at our facility and grounds.

5. When queuing or gathering please maintain 1.5 metres distance. Avoid congestion in indoor spaces.

6. Limit your interactions with other groups (other teams/visitors).


All Players:

     Must follow the latest Victorian Government announcements on the requirements of using face mask. This means players must carry a mask at all times (keep it in your kit bag).

     When off field and outdoors players only need to wear a mask when you cannot keep 1.5 metres from others (outside your group) unless otherwise directed by Victorian Government restrictions

     Carry hand sanitizer.

     Apply hand sanitizer regularly, including before and after training.

     Bring your own drink bottles and make sure your bottles are clearly labelled with your name and age group. Do not share drink bottles.

     Come to training dressed, avoid using changing rooms on training nights.

     When using the toilets, use hand sanitizer.

     When using training rooms on game days only use the one allocated to your team.

     Shower at home where possible.

     Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your elbow (not your hands) when you cough and sneeze and place tissues directly in the bin.

     Do not spit at any time (eg: even when there is no one else around).

     Goalkeepers must not spit in their gloves to improve grip etc.

     Follow the directions of your coaching staff and the BCFC COVID-safety officers.